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Welcome to Destination Training and Training4Agents, a multi-media training platform. This training scheme does not attempt to replace the ever so important one to one training, nor the need to visit the country and the products within that country. Destination Training will simply wet your appetite, and help you to sell till you are able to have one to one training and / or visit yourself.

This training platform will aim to provide text, images, and video descriptions to assist with your preferred learning style. We encourage course providers to have presentation downloads to allow you to train others. You can also use the material to make presentations to your customers and friends.

Most of the partners who offer training through Destination Training and Training4Agents will offer you many prizes and rewards so do look at the list of benefits on each course. We have already given a cash prize of £ 100 and 18 agents have been on a fam tour.

We want to see how we can assist you to make the most out of this new tool, so please do send us feedback.

E-mail : info@makingwavesintourism.co.uk

Enjoy learning !

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